Hard Left Celebrates Notre Dame’s Destruction

As Christians and non-Christians alike stood in solidarity on Monday and mourned the loss of a cathedral that Pope Francis humbly labeled an “architectural jewel of a collective memory,” the halls of social media were occasionally disrupted by vocal minorities of hard leftists who reveled in Notre Dame’s destruction.

What joy could people possibly be expressing as fires savaged an 800-year-old cathedral? According to some of these hard leftists, the destruction symbolized the Catholic Church’s karma for centuries of cruelty or, at the very least, colonial France’s karma for what it has allegedly done to other cultures. A thread compiled by Andy Ngo of Quillette best illustrated the collective mockery:

“I wonder how many art pieces and artifacts that were sitting in the Notre Dame were stolen from former colonies,” said user Shaziya. When confronted with criticism and backlash, she doubled down: “I’m criticizing French colonialism, if this bothers you so much then you ought to reevaluate your morals, bye.”

“I think it sucks that Notre Dame is burning but f*** imagine if we had this same energy for every historic building we carpetbombed in the Middle East,” said another user.

Other users reveled in the fact that “white people” were saddened to see Notre Dame go up in flames. “I’m dying at the white people triggered,” said one person named Aly. “It’s a damn building that’s literally used for tourism, no one died, move on.”

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