Hillary Opened Her Mouth About MAGA and White Nationalism…and Crashed Right Into a Wall

This is getting absolutely embarrassing, but Hillary Clinton does have a lot of free time on her hands. She went on a whine tour after her shocking 2016 loss. She set up a super PAC to help Democrats and fight the agenda of President Donald J. Trump. She may not be running again in 2020, but she’s still taking her swings at the Trump administration. They’re all so tiring, though they’re aimed at keeping the left-wingers rabid. A popular one is that the slogan “Make America Great Again” is a white nationalist war cry. It’s not. She even tweeted an article from The Huffington Post to make her point:

Okay, first of all, Bissonette is a crazy person. Second, is this nuts we’ve become? It’s a great slogan—and both Democrats and Republicans have used it. Ronald Reagan used it, as did Bill Clinton, which is why Hillary probably should’ve just shut up about this whole matter. Slick Willy used it a lot during his political career. Is he a racist, a far right-winger, or an extremist? Is he a white nationalist? No. Bill Clinton is often wrong, but he’s no white nationalist. Trump derangement syndrome has become so bad that anything related to the man is seen as a sign that this small, whacko fringe slice that happen to wear MAGA hats are mainstream. They’re not. They’re still losers and they’re still in the basement of politics. And they’re going to stay there. A huge slice of Democrats were members of the Ku Klux Klan. When are they going to be reamed out for backing a group that’s actually a white supremacist organization? And just like these loony toon groups, they’re small. The Klan’s membership today is less than 10,000. Everyone freak out! (Read more from “Hillary Opened Her Mouth About MAGA and White Nationalism…and Crashed Right Into a Wall” HERE)

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