SHOCK: College Student Awakens, Sees Roommate Watching Shapiro Video. Then Student Does This.

Last September, a Michigan State University student took a nap and awakened to a nightmare: his roommate was watching a video of Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro. The trauma endured by that student triggered the student to grab their computer and file a complaint with the administration’s bias reporting system, which permits students to make reports anonymously. The student wrote, “Ben Shapiro is known for his inflammatory speech that criticizes and attacks the African American community. I thought hate had no place on MSU’s campus yet MSU has roomed me with someone who supports hate speach [sic].”

As Christian Schneider reported for The College Fix, “In response to the complaint, the university tasked an investigator to look into the matter, who was told to work for a ‘room change if the claimant would like one.’” The College Fix obtained 35 reports gleaned from the Michigan State’s “Public Incident” website in the fall semester of 2018. . .

Schneider also noted that professors can be written up by students; one case involved a professor who asserted that the concept of “sex” is different to people of different ages, noting older people see it as a binary situation. One student reported, “The ‘joke’ implies that being transgender or intersex is something people age in and out of … I approached him after the presentation and told him that it is unacceptable to make transphobic jokes and he cannot do that again, but again, he didn’t really seem to understand, and didn’t respond,” adding that the professor “has a past history of making insensitive remarks about other groups, so anything is possible.” (Read more from “SHOCK: College Student Awakens, Sees Roommate Watching Shapiro Video. Then Student Does This.” HERE)

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