This Is Why Trump Is Threatening a New Embargo on Cuba

The situation in Venezuela is deteriorating. Throughout the day, protests have erupted. Supporters and opponents of socialist President Nicolas Maduro are once facing off after months of economic destitution that has left the beacon of 21stCentury Socialism an absolute hellhole. You’ve all read the reports. Medicals supplies are absent, hunger is rampant, and inflation is through the roof. No one is safe from economic blight, except Maduro. Venezuelans from all social classes have suffered. There’s footage of people eating out of trashcans. Zoo animals are being killed for food. Venezuelan children are now being forced into prostitution in order to eat. It’s a nightmare, but ‘onward comrades’ is the mantra of the current government, which has devolved into a de facto dictatorship.

Now, President Trump has threatened Venezuela’s ally, Cuba, with a new and aggressive embargo, demanding their security forces end military operations in the country (via Reuters):

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the United States would hit Cuba with sanctions and an embargo if it continued its military support for the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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