Vladimir Putin Accuses West of Blackmail

In an interview published Thursday by China’s state-run People’s Daily, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of using sanctions to “blackmail” the rest of the world into accepting its “dubious ideals.”

Putin arrived in China Thursday for the Belt and Road Forum, which runs through Saturday. He arrived in China after meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok earlier on Thursday. . .

Close observers of Russian and Chinese policy might wonder how they could possibly do less to exert a positive influence on the world, but Putin naturally had a more upbeat answer. He said Russia and China should work together to block the global leadership claimed by Western nations, particularly their use of economic sanctions.

“They carelessly trample on the norms and principles of international law, resort to blackmail, sanctions and pressure, and try to force their values and dubious ideals on entire countries and populations. We are categorically opposed to such approaches,” Putin said.

“In order to improve the international situation and to form a more equitable and democratic global architecture, we will continue to closely coordinate Russia and China’s steps on important global and regional issues, and productively cooperate at leading multilateral venues such as the UN, G20, SCO, BRICS and APEC,” he continued. (Read more from “Vladimir Putin Accuses West of Blackmail” HERE)

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