Hear Planned Parenthood Agree to Take Money to Abort Black Baby

When Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday urged the U.S. Supreme Court to act on various abortion-law cases because of the industry’s threat “to achieve eugenic goals,” one pro-life group immediately reached into its archives.

Live Action posted a video in which Planned Parenthood representatives agree to accept a donation to pay for the abortion of a black baby. . .

Among the responses was “absolutely” and, “We would certainly, uh, make sure that that gift was earmarked specifically for that purpose.”

An employee said it was “understandable” when the “donor” on the telephone said, “We just think, you know the – the – the less – the less black kids out there, the better.”

Twitter news aggregator Twitchy wrote: “In reality, Planned Parenthood is continuing founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s mission to abort poor and minority babies in the name of ‘racial betterment.’

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