Here’s the Truth About Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill

The media have been working overtime to frame Georgia’s new pro-life legislation, known commonly as the “heartbeat bill,” as harmful to women, instead of what it actually is: protection for unborn children with beating hearts.

The law, signed by Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) last week, bans abortion after a heartbeat is detected, which happens around six weeks gestation. It does not punish mothers. . .

French provides more in-depth coverage of the legalese surrounding the law’s implications. “The heartbeat bill did not repeal a number of Georgia criminal statutes that explicitly apply to abortions and unborn children, and it does not overrule controlling legal authority holding that these statutes bar prosecution of a woman for terminating her own pregnancy,” the conservative columnist explained. He also went through explicit statutes:

First, there is a specific code section that applies to unlawful abortions. Georgia Code Section 16-12-140 states:

(a) A person commits the offense of criminal abortion when, in violation of Code Section 16-12-141 , he or she administers any medicine, drugs, or other substance whatever to any woman or when he or she uses any instrument or other means whatever upon any woman with intent to produce a miscarriage or abortion.

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