More Transgender ‘Males’ Reportedly Viewing Pregnancy as ‘Possible’

By The Blaze. Trystan Reese is a transgender man who gave birth to a son in 2017 and who’s counseled hundreds of transgender men around the world who’ve also given birth, NBC News reported. . .

“You can be a man and have a baby,” Reese — director of family formation for the Family Equality Council, a national nonprofit that advocates for LGBTQ families — told NBC News. “And they are starting to see that that is possible, and that hasn’t always been the case.”

The network added that Reese “believes it’s a good thing that more trans men and nonbinary people are beginning to see that pregnancy is a possibility for them, whether they want to experience it or view it simply as a means to an end.”

Jay Thomas is married to Jamie Brewster, NBC News said, and the 33-year-olds are both transgender.

In 2016, Thomas — who had been on testosterone for more than two years — wanted to get pregnant, the network said.

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Trans Dads Tell Doctors: ‘You Can Be a Man and Have a Baby’

By NBC News. There is no data on how many transgender men and nonbinary people give birth in the United States each year, because medical systems track them as female, but experts believe the numbers are likely higher than many would expect. The number of people who identify as transgender is growing: A 2016 study from the Williams Institute found that 1.4 million adults in the U.S identify as transgender, which was double the estimate based on data from a decade earlier.

In Australia, where government agencies began tracking both sex and gender in official records in 2013, 54 transgender men gave birth in 2014, according to statistics from the country’s universal health care system. And a Dutch study published in the journal Human Reproduction in 2011 found that a majority of trans men reported wanting families.

But doctors, nurses and medical office staff are still adjusting to the idea that those who are pregnant may not identify as women. (Read more from “Trans Dads Tell Doctors: ‘You Can Be a Man and Have a Baby'” HERE)

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