Texas Woman Forced OFF Life Support Despite Family’s Wishes

By Click 2 Houston. A family’s fight to overcome legal and financial hurdles to keep their matriarch alive took a painful turn Monday after a 10-day window expired, allowing doctors to remove her from a ventilator.

Carolyn Jones was being treated at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. Jones suffered a stroke two years ago and has been treated at Memorial Hermann Southwest since last fall. Earlier this month, Jones’ family was notified of a decision to take her off of ventilation, eventually, following parameters outlined in a section of Texas’ Advance Directives Act.

At issue is a so-called 10-day rule, which Jones’ family said unfairly gives doctors the right to decide whether the 61-year-old gets to live. . .

Donald Jones, along with the couple’s daughter, Kina, spoke with KPRC2 outside Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital on Monday. The family confirmed doctors took Carolyn off ventilation after 2 p.m. Monday, after the 10-day window to move to a new facility expired.

“It’s not right, not for someone that is loving and is caring and has done nothing but serve 61 years of help, to just discard her like an animal,” Kina Jones said. (Read more from “Texas Woman Forced off Life Support Despite Family’s Wishes” HERE)


‘Please Don’t Do This’: Texas Woman Taken off Life-Support Against Family’s Wishes

By Faithwire. A Texas woman has been removed from life support against her family’s wishes. Stroke victim Carolyn Jones had her ventilator withdrawn May 13 despite repeated pleas from her distraught family members.

In a case that resembles that of British child Alfie Evans, Jones was forced to struggle on without ventilation when medics stripped her of life-saving treatment. While she is still alive at this time, doctors have told the family that if she continues to survive, they will switch off her dialysis machine.

“On Friday, May 3rd the family was notified by the hospital that the Ethics Committee had made the decision to take Carolyn Jones off of the ventilation by the power granted to them by the Texas’ Advance Directives Act (Futile Care Law),” Mark Dickson of Right to Life of East Texas explained to Faithwire.

Despite the family begging, “Please don’t do this,” hospital staff continued to flick the switches. (Read more from “‘Please Don’t Do This’: Texas Woman Taken off Life-Support Against Family’s Wishes” HERE)

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