Dems Block Funding for Border Crisis

Democratic Senator Pat Leahy bluntly told GOP Senators that Democrats are blocking $4.5 billion needed to manage the Central American migration emergency until Republicans submit to their pro-migration demands.

“We’re willing to put [up] the money,” the Vermont Senator said at the June 11 hearing at the Senate’s judiciary committee. But, he added:

Now whether a supplemental gets done is up to the administration. If they continue to block bipartisan legislation, nothing happens. I hope the Republicans will finally realize we have to do this, Republicans and Democrats, together … We want long term solutions.

The May 1 funding request sought $3.3 billion to process and temporarily house many thousands of so-called “Unaccompanied Alien Children,” plus $1.2 billion for border agencies to register, shelter, and transport the huge flow of migrants as they walk through the catch-and-release loopholes at the border. . .

In contrast, the political priorities set by Democrats would likely accelerate the movement of Central American populations into blue-collar Americans’ workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. The huge inflow — perhaps one million people in the 12 months up to October — provides an economic stimulus to cities run by Democratic mayors and to companies run by Democratic donors. (Read more from “Dems Block Funding for Border Crisis” HERE)

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