Highway Patrol Chief Investigated After ‘Transphobic’ Bruce Jenner Facebook Post

By Daily Wire. Chief Mark Garrett of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has been placed under investigation for posting a disparaging meme of Caitlyn Jenner on his personal Facebook page, which mocked the former athlete for presenting himself as a woman.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the investigation into Garrett’s Facebook post began when an L.A. Times reporter revealed it to CHP officials.

“The entry, which Garrett posted in April 2017, shows a photo of Jenner that is overlaid with a transphobic and vulgar message,” reports the outlet. “In bold type on Jenner’s image, it reads, ‘Anyone who says I’m not a lady can,” and then suggests the reader perform a sex act.”

Officer Garrett said he did not remember if he had shared the post or not, though he acknowledged knowing the woman who shared the original post. Several of his friends posted comments underneath that allegedly demeaned transgender people, according to the Times report. He added that the post does not reflect how he feels or the department’s values. . .

Now the California Highway Patrol has launched a full-blown investigation into Garrett’s private Facebook page while denouncing it as being incongruent with CHP’s inclusive values. (Read more from “Highway Patrol Chief Investigated After ‘Transphobic’ Bruce Jenner Facebook Post” HERE)


CHP Chief Investigated over Facebook Post About Caitlyn Jenner

By LA Times. . .Garrett said the posting doesn’t “reflect how I feel” or the department’s values.

“That was a personal Facebook page, and it has nothing to do with the CHP,” said Garrett, the chief of the Los Angeles-area CHP.

The department has launched an investigation into the post and denounced the image. The probe comes as prosecutors are reviewing whether CHP officers in the East L.A. station broke the law following an announcement in February by Garrett that dozens of officers had been relieved of duty amid falsified overtime allegations.

“While the post in question appeared on a personal Facebook page, which CHP policy does not specifically address, the post is not consistent with the department’s organizational values,” spokeswoman Fran Clader said. (Read more from “CHP Chief Investigated over Facebook Post About Caitlyn Jenner” HERE)

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