New Zealand ‘Factsheet’ Wipes Israel from the Map, Has Horrifying Replacement

New Zealand’s government recently erased Israel from the map in a “factsheet” on Palestine marred by numerous factual inaccuracies and minimal nuance, provoking outcry from Jewish and Israeli voices.

The “factsheet” labels all territory currently governed by Israel as Palestine. It also calls Palestine as a “state,” which is not consistent with the New Zealand government’s official view. . .

The “fact sheet” was first published by New Zealand’s Immigration Agency under the title ‘State of Palestine Refugee Quota Factsheet” to give a brief overview of how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict created Palestinian refugees. It is unclear who exactly created the “fact sheet” nor the editing process for it.

After the documents made the rounds on social media with numerous people weighing in on the subject, the government took down the controversial document:

Ashley Church, the director of the Israeli Institute of New Zealand, called for the retraction of the “fact sheet” and an apology from the New Zealand government. (Read more from “New Zealand ‘Factsheet’ Wipes Israel from the Map, Has Horrifying Replacement” HERE)

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