African Elites Hunt down Human Albinos to Eat Them in Satanic Rituals

Albinos in Tanzania are being “hunted down like animals” because greed for money is driving families to turn on their loved ones for trade, and it is allegedly being fuelled by some of the most powerful people in the country. It is a common belief that an albino’s body parts can bring a person wealth or luck, and people are willing to pay as much as $3,000 or $4,000 for a limb.

Some people are even willing to shell out as much as $75,000 for a full set- which is a whole body, reports Daily Mail. People with albinism in Tanzania are regularly attacked by people; they chop their limbs off that leave them mutilated, or dead. . .

“Now we can see the parents who are involved in planning the attacks. What kind of war are we fighting if parents and family do this? Who can we trust?” Josephat Torner, who campaigns for albino rights, asked. . .

“The big fishes are behind the issue. It has been really a big discussion. If I say big fish or big people, it is those who have enough resources, enough money. People sell these body parts for high prices. So it is not really small fish behind it. It could be politicians. It could be those people.”

But whoever is behind this is clearly powerful. So far, only 10 people have been brought to trial for their part in albino attacks or murders – but not one of them was a ‘buyer’. (Read more from “African Elites Hunt down Human Albinos to Eat Them in Satanic Rituals” HERE)

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