Archaeologists Find Lost Biblical City Connected to King David — and It Backs up Scripture

By The Blaze. Archaeologists have reportedly uncovered the location of an Old Testament city connected to King David — an exciting development that lines up with the biblical narrative.

Experts believe they have found the location of Ziklag, a town mentioned in 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, and 1 Chronicles.

After years of experts suggesting that the “lost” town could be in 12 different locations, new evidence has led Hebrew University and the Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists and researchers to believe that Khirbet a-Ra’i is the site where Ziklag was located, according to the Times of Israel.

The Old Testament tells us that David found refuge from King Saul in Ziklag before heading to Hebron to be anointed king, with the location having a fascinating place in biblical history. British Friends of the Hebrew University has more:

According to the Biblical narrative, Achish, King of Gat, allowed David to find refuge in Ziklag while fleeing King Saul and from there David also departed to be anointed King in Hebron. According to scripture, Ziklag was also the scene of a dramatic event, in which the Amalekites, desert nomads, raided and burned the town taking women and children captive.

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Archaeologists Say They Found Town Where Future King David Took Refuge from Saul

By The Times of Israel. . .Based on artifacts and carbon 14 dating results of excavations since 2015, scholars proposed Monday that the archaeological site of Khirbet a-Ra‘i in the Judaean foothills is the site of the elusive Philistine town. . .

According to a joint press release from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Israel Antiquities Authority, archaeologists discovered remains of a Philistine settlement from the 12-11th centuries BCE, which was followed by a rural settlement dating to the early 10th century BCE, which is in keeping with the biblical account. Carbon 14 dating supports the archaeologists’ timeline and identification, according to the press release.

As recorded in the Hebrew Bible, David settled at Ziklag for 14 months under the patronage of the Philistine King Achish of Gat, with 600 of his men and their families, and used it as a base to raid neighboring peoples.

While the then-Philistine vassal David attempted to join the army of his Philistine lord Achish to defeat Saul, retaliating Amalekites razed the town and took off with the Israelites’ women and children, along with much booty. (Spoiler: In the end, David prevailed.)

According to the press release, in addition to the cultural transition between Philistine buildings and the presumed later Israelite camp, the Davidic-era settlement shows remains of an intense fire that destroyed it. (Read more from “Archaeologists Say They Found Town Where Future King David Took Refuge from Saul” HERE)

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