TERRIFYING FOOTAGE: Elderly Man Horrifically Beaten with Crowbar by Antifa Activists; Police Attacked by Protesters

By Daily Wire. During the violent rioting by Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon this weekend, two men attending a “Him Too” gathering were viciously beaten by the far-left activists.

One of the victims, identified by commentator and journalist Michelle Malkin as John Blum, suffered a bloodied face after he was beaten with a crowbar. The other man, identified as Adam Kelly, had his head split open by criminal Antifa members, suffering a concussion; he needed 25 stitches.

Blum and Kelly were in Pioneer Courthouse Square to attend a demonstration for the “Him Too” movement, which purports to raise awareness for male sexual assault victims and men falsely accused of sex crimes. The men apparently stepped into the Antifa chaos trying to “help a gay man in a sun dress being chased down the street,” according to Malkin.

“While John was being pummeled by the mob in the center, Adam was struck in the head with nunchucks, metal water bottles, some sort of metal rod, and fists,” Malkin reported on Sunday. “John was sprayed with mace and blinded. He was led away as blood dripped down his face, then dragged to a sidewalk. Another observer notes that one of Adam’s attackers appears to wield something like a sock and padlock.”

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Antifa Brings Chaos to Portland

By USA Today. Oregon’s largest city was calm and quiet Sunday after a day of chaotic, competing protests that clogged Portland streets, crippled public transit and left at least eight people injured.

Police in riot gear broke up the demonstrations as clashes developed among law enforcers, anti-fascist “antifa” protesters and right-wing groups. Three people were charged with crimes ranging from assault on a police officer to harassment, police said.

As the violence increased, police declared a civil disturbance and ordered the protests dispersed. Pepper spray was used by demonstrators and police, Assistant Chief Chris Davis said. . .

Protesters also clashed with police, throwing water bottles and eggs at officers, and three were among those injured, police said. There were reports of protesters throwing “milkshakes” – with a substance mixed in that was similar to a quick-drying cement, police said.

Portland Fire Medics were embedded with the police so the injured could quickly receive medical attention, police said. (Read more from “Antifa Brings Chaos to Portland” HERE)

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