Here’s What President Trump’s Tariffs Have Done to the Chinese Economy

The Chinese economy has suffered under President Trump’s tariffs so much that their growth rate has hit a historical low not seen for 27 years.

Trump has accused the government of the second largest economy in the world of unfair trade practices, and has hit the country with tariffs in order to pressure them into trade deals that more agreeable to the United States. . .

That trade dispute has led to the Chinese economic growth rate to drop to 6.2 percent in the second quarter, a rate not seen in China since 1992.

Some economists worry that the trade war between the two largest economies in the world may lead to a global recession, but that has not yet manifested itself in the U.S., which is experiencing an economic boom.

Free market critics of the populist use of tariffs as an economic policy say that they lead inexorably to trade wars which damage international production chains and harm all countries involved. They also point out that tariffs end up being another tax on consumers instead of the countries they are supposed to punish.

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