Homicide Detectives Investigating Clinton Mega-Donor

Homicide detectives have presented a case against high-profile Democratic donor Ed Buck to prosecutors for review and possible criminal charges, according to a Los Angeles television station.

CBS2 News reports that the office of L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey is “now deciding” whether it has enough evidence to prosecute Buck in connection with the death of Timothy Dean, 55, who was found dead in the political benefactor’s West Hollywood apartment on January 7. Sources told an investigative reporter with the outlet that prosecutors received the case weeks ago and have requested additional information, “including forensic analysis and medical records,” according to the report.

Dean, who worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, was also a former adult film performer. He was the second gay black man to fatally overdose on crystal methamphetamine inside Buck’s home within a span of 18 months. An advocacy group with strong ties to Black Lives Matter has accused Buck, 64, who is gay and white, of administering the lethal doses that killed both men.

Prosecutors announced last summer that they lacked sufficient evidence to charge Buck in the death of Gemmel Moore, the 26-year old sex worker who died at his residence on July 27, 2017. However, the glare of publicity that followed the second death sparked a renewed investigation into the circumstances of Moore’s fatal overdose. . .

Jasmyne Cannick, an L.A.-based political strategist who launched the ‘Justice 4 Gemmel + All Of Ed Buck’s Victims’ drive, has demanded Lacey prosecute Buck for murder. She explained to NBC News that black, gay “lives are seen as expendable,” adding, “it’s very easy to write off someone who dies of a drug overdose who was working as a sex worker.” (Read more from “Homicide Detectives Investigating Clinton Mega-Donor” HERE)

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