Snatched! Government ‘Illegally’ Takes Child From Parents (VIDEO)

The Texas Home School Coalition Association has launched a petition drive and a fundraiser to help return 4-year-old Drake Pardo to his parents. . .

The family was given no explanation when the boy was seized, and CPS agents refused to answer their questions. The agents simply showed up at the family’s home, accompanied by armed officers, and demanded the child.

THSC attorney Chris Branson, representing the family, said Children’s Medical Center in Dallas reported the family to CPS after the family filed a complaint against the hospital claiming Drake received poor treatment. . . .

“Children’s informed the family that they would review the matter and resolve it within 45 days. On day 46, with the family still having heard nothing from the Children’s Medical Center, CPS showed up at the family’s door with an affidavit signed by one of the hospital’s doctors and removed Drake,” the homeschool group said.

But in the first hearing after Drake was taken from his family, Dr. Dakil testified that she had never seen or met with Drake or his parents (Read more from “Snatched! Government ‘Illegally’ Takes Child From Parents” HERE)

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