Video: Man Dies After Being Struck by Ocean Wave

A North Carolina man has died after a powerful ocean wave struck his head while he was on the beach with his family.

Lee Dingle, a father of six, was playing with three of his children when a powerful wave hit him. The force of the wave pounded Lee’s head into the ground and broke his neck, WTHR reported. . .

Oak Island Water Rescue said in a Facebook post that it, other agencies, and bystanders tried to provide life-saving support to Lee within minutes of the accident. But despite their efforts, Lee died one day later. . .

Lee served as president of Atlas Engineering in Raleigh, North Carolina, a firm which specializes in fixing buildings with structural damage, according to the facility’s website.

Atlas Engineering senior partner Tom Caldwell said he had recently received the promotion to president just two weeks before he died, WSLS reported. (Read more from “Video: Man Dies After Being Struck by Ocean Wave” HERE)

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