Video Shows Bear Charging Man Who Came Within Feet of Cubs

A black bear in Tennessee charged at a man who was seen on video Saturday approaching the animal and her cubs.

The man is seen coming within feet of the bear and her cubs at Cades Cove, a popular tourist spot in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The man was not hurt, according to Paige Marple of Knoxville, who was in the area with her boyfriend and brother when they noticed the bear and her cubs. Marple told Fox News that they stayed in their truck and watched from a distance as the man approached the bear. . .

“You can hear myself, my brother and my boyfriend all gasp, as we thought it was going to get bad,” Marple said. “Shock and relief was followed by a feeling of anger because the man did something that could have very well ended bad for himself and the family of bears.”

Dana Soehn, a park spokesperson, told Fox News that visitors need to be aware that bears are wild animals, and can be dangerous or unpredictable, adding that it is illegal to come within 50 yards of them in the park. (Read more from “Video Shows Bear Charging Man Who Came Within Feet of Cubs” HERE)

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