Watch: Piers Morgan Repeatedly Calls Christian Doctor a ‘Bigot’ for Saying There Are Two Genders

. . .Dr. David Mackereth rejects transgender ideology and therefore refuses to use pronouns that conflict with an individual’s biological gender. Via the BBC:

Speaking outside the tribunal in Birmingham, Dr Mackereth, 56, said: “Last year I was training to do medical assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions and because of my Christian convictions I felt I couldn’t use pronouns – the words ‘he’ and ‘she’ – in an arbitrary manner.

“I said that in good conscience I couldn’t do that. The Department for Work and Pensions took some time to think about it and decided then that I wasn’t fit to do the job because of, I would say, my Christian convictions.

. . .

During his segment on “Good Morning Britain” Dr. Mackereth noted the dramatic cultural shift and said that he would consider it dishonest to use pronouns that do not reflect the reality of a person’s actual gender:

“Well, I think we have to start by recognizing how important pronouns are within our language. This is a complete change in the way we use them. And even if we leave the religious factor out, we have a problem that by changing the way we use pronouns, we completely change who we are as a society and who we are as people. And it doesn’t just affect a small group of people, it affects every single one of us. But as a Christian, I believe that to use pronouns in that way is dishonest, and I cannot do that in a good conscience.”

[This is when talk show host Piers Morgan decided to attack Dr. David Mackereth in the recently televised interview:]

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