Watch: Pole-Dancing ICE Protester Loses Her Mind When Confronted by Conservative Woman

On Monday, conservative media personality Ashley StClair visited an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Aurora, Colorado that was recently overtaken by anti-ICE protesters who removed the American flag and replaced it with the flag of Mexico.

StClair says in the video that she went to the facility to voice her support for law enforcement and for our country, a voice of opposition to the protesters in attendance. She was quickly met with a mob of radical left-wingers who screamed at the conservative and called her a “f***ing b****” and a “white supremacist.” In a moment caught on video, one of the protesters oddly started pole-dancing on a stop sign, too.

The video opens with an angry woman in a shirt that says “Free Them!!!” clapping and screaming.

“I don’t give a f***!” she repeatedly yells while furiously clapping her hands together in the conservative woman’s face. “You’re a f***ing b****! You’re a f***ing b****! Privileged a** b****, get the f*** out of here! Now!” . . .

The video then cuts to StClair standing alone. “I’m here at the Aurora ICE facility where protesters decided to take down the American flag and put a Mexican flag in its place,” she says. “I’m appalled that politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have prompted this behavior and have disrespected our country, our law, and our law enforcement. I’m here to show support for our law enforcement, our country, and everything that our flag stands for. God bless America and God bless our law enforcement.”

[Warning: video contains explicit language]

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