Celebrities Defend Mario Lopez’s Comments About Transgender Toddlers

Even as reports circulate that television host Mario Lopez may lose his job for saying 3-year-old children should not choose their gender, some celebrities have come to Lopez’s defense. . .

When the comments got more attention over the past week, Lopez apologized for what he said, calling his previous remarks “ignorant and insensitive.”

“Mario buckled to the mob,” said radio host Charlamagne tha God on “The Breakfast Club.” “Mario Lopez said nothing wrong. We’re talking about a 3-year-old child. What logical decision can a child make at 3? You should not make that determination at 3. Let the kid grow up.”

“I’m w/ @MarioLopezExtra if you’re 3-yrs-old your ass ain’t making the rules in my house,” Hughley wrote on Twitter. “Until your ass is responsible 4 yourself, paying bills, you can’t even sign a permission slip for a field trip, then my rules. U don’t get to choose UR gender at 3.” . . .

“This is what people are deeply concerned about,” [Joe] Rogan said, “is authoritarian reinforcement of their particular way of thinking and behaving. And it’s because people have the opportunity to complain now. If you didn’t like the way someone addressed women or something, you really didn’t have a way to broadcast it 20 years ago. But now anybody can just get on Twitter or Facebook and it can go viral and a bunch of other f***ing pink-haired weirdos will retweet you, and next thing you know there’s a goddamn mob after Mario Lopez.” (Read more from “Celebrities Defend Mario Lopez’s Comments About Transgender Toddlers” HERE)

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