Neighborhood Tells 82-Yr-Old Granny to Curb Her American Flag Enthusiasm, but She’s Refusing

A homeowner’s association in Arizona is the news this weekend [and] it couldn’t be for less flattering reasons. The HOA told 82-year-old Donna Cordero that she can’t keep her new American flag decoration because it doesn’t fit the neighborhood’s look. . .

The series of events that led to this conflict are outlined in detail by columnist Laurie Roberts here, along with photos. But to summarize: a firefighter on an emergency call to a neighbor asked Cordero why none of the homes had the numbers painted on the curb, and Cordero brought it up with the HOA, which told her that she would basically have to handle it herself because they had no one responsible for such things.

The HOA insists that it’s not about the flag per se, explaining that other residents in the neighborhood have traditional, flown flags that are within the HOA’s guidelines. They maintained their position against objections, and most of the neighbors complied leaving, as USA Today described it, an ugly blotch of mismatched white paint where a flag used to be. . .

But Donna Cordero has not complied, and says he doesn’t intend to.

“You’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for nothing and I’m not going to fall for nothing,” she said. “This is my property and I just can’t believe anybody would find that flag offensive.” (Read more from “Neighborhood Tells 82-Yr-Old Granny to Curb Her American Flag Enthusiasm, but She’s Refusing” HERE)

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