Now Those Who Fight AGAINST ISIS Get Prosecuted

By WND Staff. . .Judith Bergman, a columnist, lawyer, political analyst and senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute wrote about the problem.

“Some European countries are actually in the process of prosecuting nationals who travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight against ISIS,” she explained. “In the U.K., it is estimated that just a few dozen British volunteers fought against ISIS. By comparison, approximately 850 U.K. nationals travelled from the U.K. to join ISIS.”

Jim Matthews was the first person prosecuted in the U.K. for fighting with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, which is not a proscribed terrorist group in Britain.

“A second British national, Aidan James, who fought with the YPG against ISIS, was arrested and charged with terror offences in February 2018,” Bergman wrote. “James was charged with receiving training from the PKK, before going on to fight with Kurdish YPG units in Syria. James’s case, tried in April, was inconclusive: the jury failed to reach a verdict on whether he had committed terror offences by fighting against ISIS. Prosecutors said they would be seeking a retrial of his case.”

In Denmark, Tommy Morck was sentenced under a law that prohibits nationals from going to areas of conflict in Syria and given six months in prison. (Read more from “Now Those Who Fight Against ISIS Get Prosecuted” HERE)


Jihadi Jack: IS Recruit Jack Letts Loses UK Citizenship

By BBC. A Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State group as a teenager has had his British citizenship revoked.

Jack Letts – nicknamed Jihadi Jack in the press – was 18 when he left school in Oxfordshire in 2014 to join IS fighters in Raqqa, Syria.

Mr Letts, who is a dual UK-Canadian national, was jailed after being captured by Kurdish YPG forces while trying to flee to Turkey in May 2017.

The Canadian government said the UK had “off-loaded” its responsibilities.

The Home Office said it would not comment on individual cases. (Read more from “Jihadi Jack: Is Recruit Jack Letts Loses UK Citizenship” HERE)

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