One-Third of Adults Wouldn’t Be Surprised ‘at All’ If a Religious Holocaust Happened

More than one-third of American adults say they wouldn’t be shocked “at all” if the systematic murder of a religious group, like what happened in the Holocaust, occurred in the United States today, according to a new poll.

A YouGov poll released on Thursday morning showed that 35 percent of adults would be “not at all surprised” if a genocide based on religious beliefs happened in modern-day America. The survey was primarily focused on the Holocaust and Anne Frank.

The poll also showed that the opinion was a bipartisan one. Thirty-seven percent of Democrats, 34 percent of Republicans and 36 percent of Independents surveyed responded that they would not at all be surprised if such a situation took place.

On the other hand, 21 percent said they’d be “very surprised” if the systematic killing of a religious group happened in the U.S. Another 19 percent said they’d be a “little surprised” and 13 percent said they’d be “somewhat surprised.”

This August marks the 75th anniversary of Anne Frank’s capture by the Nazis during World War II. The final entry in her published diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, was dated August 1st, 1944. According to YouGov, a majority of American adults believe the book should be required reading in public schools. (Read more from “One-Third of Adults Wouldn’t Be Surprised ‘at All’ If a Religious Holocaust Happened” HERE)

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