Sanctuary Cities and Lack of Vetting Continue to Fuel Illegal Alien Crime

Every day, there are stories of Americans or immigrants being murdered, raped, or assaulted either by illegal aliens who could have been deported if not for sanctuary cities, by those admitted legally without proper vetting, or by those who have exploited immigration loopholes that should be closed.

Unfortunately, unlike the soul-searching that takes place after each mass shooting as to what sort of gun control policies can be enacted to somehow prevent a criminal from getting a gun, there is no soul-searching from a single prominent member of Congress after any one of these criminal alien cases as to what can be done to enforce national sovereignty and better prevent crime. There are no questions of how to close to the criminal alien loopholes, clamp down on sanctuary cities, or enforce our immigration laws to prevent 100 percent avoidable crimes.

Here is just a tiny sample of some of the most recent cases that should spawn a debate in Congress when it returns from recess in September.

Montgomery County, Maryland: Brutal rape, child molesting, and MS-13 activity

As Nate Madden reported, there are now four known illegal alien rape suspects in Montgomery County, Maryland, just from this past month. Montgomery is a hotbed of MS-13 and criminal alien activity in a substantial illegal alien population from Central America. Yet the county has rolled out its welcome mat to illegal aliens and works to shield them from detection of law enforcement in defiance of federal law.

In the latest incident, Kevin Mendoza, an illegal alien from Honduras, is accused of brutally raping a woman outside a Rockville, Maryland, apartment complex on Saturday night. As the police report, posted online by local ABC reporter Kevin Lewis, states, the suspect strangled and punched the victim so hard to subdue her that, according to hospital officials, it could have killed her. He then proceeded to rape her for seven minutes.

Here we have a case of an illegal alien using nothing but his body to rape and almost murder a woman. Yet there is no soul-searching about how to better detect and remove criminal aliens. The politicians focus on guns, not criminals, including those who would never be enticed to remain here if not for sanctuary cities.

Then, there is a new attempted rape of a 12-year-old, allegedly committed by a Guatemalan national while his wife was giving birth to a baby who will get “birthright” citizenship.

Smothering an elderly woman to death in sanctuary New Jersey

Juanita Rosario, a kind-hearted 74-year-old woman who was active in her Hispanic community in Camden, New Jersey, allowed Esteban Cabrera, 30, an illegal alien from Ecuador, to live in her home. On August 10, he is accused of repaying her kindness by smothering her to death on her bed.

According to an ICE spokesman, “U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has lodged a detainer on Esteban Fernando Cabrera Bermeo, 30, an unlawfully present Ecuadorian national, with Camden County Jail, N. J. Aug. 12 following his arrest for murder.”

Once again, we see that the people most often harmed by illegal aliens are Hispanic immigrants, and once again, it’s self-evident that because we do not enforce our immigration laws and because of the magnet of sanctuary states, bad people from other countries are allowed to kill.

Visa overstays never deported and committing gruesome murders without guns

Earlier this month, I reported how Billy Chemirmir, avisa overstay from Kenya, could have been deported multiple times but wound up remaining here and is now accused of killing 19 elderly Americans … with a pillow.

Similar to the case of Chemirmir, Ayoola Ajayi, a Nigerian national who was never deported after overstaying his visa, was allowed to work loopholes into legal status and likely engaged in immigration and marriage fraud. He is now accused of sexually assaulting a woman and charged with 19 counts of child porn in addition to being charged with the murder of 23-year-old University of Utah student MacKenzie Lueck. Her charred body was found in a shallow grave. Once again, the lack of immigration enforcement leads to death and assault – guns or no guns.

Florida senior beaten and burned by Cuban national. Where’s the vetting?

On Monday, Jorge Lachazo allegedly beat a 75-year-old woman to death in Boca Raton, Florida, while delivering a washer and dryer. He is accused of beating Evelyn Udell to death and setting her body on fire. A DHS source confirms with CR that Lachazo does have legal status, so there is no ICE detainer until he is actually convicted. I’m told further that he is a Cuban national, but it’s unclear how and when he got legal status. But why is the media not investigating his immigration background like they investigate the history of the weapon used in a shooting?

Again, where is the soul-searching on our vetting process for green cards to ensure we don’t add to our existing criminal population through elective immigration policies?

Mother and two daughters burned alive by illegal alien previously charged for assaulting her

In June, Areli Aguirre-Avilez, an illegal alien from Mexico, was charged with murdering a mother and two daughters with a gun in North Carolina. In addition, he was accused of statutory rape and domestic violence. He previously was charged with assaulting the mother (who was his ex-girlfriend) just last December, yet he was never apprehended by DHS.

Finally, it’s important to remember that many illegal aliens do actually use guns to kill, except it is 100 percent illegal for them to own any firearm of any caliber or capacity. Yet an illegal alien was recently charged murdering his wife with a .45-caliber pistol in Washington state last week.

Where is the national discussion on sanctuary cities? Without sanctuaries, illegal aliens could ostensibly not live in this country without being caught. Also, why is there is no investigation into tightening up our screening for green cards?

Where is the outcry of “DO SOMETHING” about the countless avoidable crimes committed by illegal aliens thanks to sanctuaries? Just in New York City, 3,000 illegal aliens were released over just a 12-month period in defiance of ICE detainers. These are all people arrested for crimes other than being here illegally. Now consider that fact that, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 83 percent of all criminals released by states reoffend within 9 years. Every one of those crimes committed by people like this are 100 percent avoidable simply by enforcing federal law against defiance of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

Can you imagine if as many people killed by sanctuary policies were killed by mass shootings and Democrats were not saying a word about guns? Now consider the GOP silence on criminal aliens and repeat offender criminals escaping justice. That asymmetry in passion, commitment, and focus is what sets the two parties apart in terms of their devotion to their respective party platforms. (For more from the author of “Sanctuary Cities and Lack of Vetting Continue to Fuel Illegal Alien Crime” please click HERE)

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