Waitress Given Tip She Considers ‘a Gift from God’

. . .A waitress at a Mexican restaurant in Arkansas was left stunned when two regulars gifted her a 2019 Buick as a tip.

Maria Elena Barragan had just finished serving David Harrison and Shelia Harrison during her double shift at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant in Rogers. . .

“I got scared at first because I thought I was in trouble,” she told the news outlet. “They pulled up some seats at the table and told me how much they appreciated and loved me and then they presented me with a gift bag.” . . .

The mother of two young boys said she refused the extremely generous gift, but David told her to take it “because God led [him] to do it.”

“I didn’t take it as a tip. I took it as a gift from God,” she said. (Read more from “Waitress Given Tip She Considers ‘a Gift from God'” HERE)

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