WATCH: Trump Gave a Very Good Answer When Asked Who’s to Blame for Dayton Shooting

Before President Trump boarded his plane to Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas on Wednesday to meet with communities in mourning, he spoke with reporters on the White House lawn. The press particularly wanted to know what he thought of his accusers tying his rhetoric to the shooting in El Paso. The suspect used language similar to that of Trump’s immigration remarks in his online manifesto, according to some.

“My critics are political people,” Trump said. “They’re trying to make points. In many cases, they are running for president and they’re very low in the polls.”

He couldn’t be more right if he’s talking about presidential candidates Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, both of whom are struggling to gain even single digit support. As representatives of last weekend’s targeted states, they’ve been two of the most vocal critics of Trump since the shootings. O’Rourke has been especially condemnatory, saying on Monday that Trump has been “reveling in the hatred and the racism” in the country. He’s thrown in a few expletives too. The president told him to “be quiet,” but other than that he hasn’t said much of the critique. . .

In fact, when discussing the shooting in Dayton, which was orchestrated by a young man who claimed to be a “leftist,” Trump said he didn’t blame Democrats for the bloodshed. He blamed “sick people.”

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