Actress Loses Dream Role After Christian Facebook Post Is Found

As an up-and-coming actress, Seyi Omooba was overjoyed to be given the lead role in a stage version of The Color Purple.

But just a day after she was cast in the production, the emergence of an old Facebook post in which she quoted the Bible to express her Christian beliefs led to her being sacked as a ‘homophobe’. . .

In March this year, she auditioned for a production of the musical to be staged in Birmingham and Leicester and was ecstatic to be given the part of Celie, the central character in Alice Walker’s novel who was played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1985 film.

But the next day she received a tweet with a screenshot of her Facebook post from September 2014.

In a discussion about homosexuality, she had written: ‘It is clearly evident in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 what the Bible says on this matter. I do not believe you can be born gay and I do not believe homosexuality is right…’ (Read more from “Actress Loses Dream Role After Christian Facebook Post Is Found” HERE)

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