China’s Chilling ‘Concentration Camp’ Footage; China Has Already Lost the Trade War (VIDEO)

By Frank Chung. Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister has described chilling drone footage published online appearing to show hundreds of blindfolded and shackled men in China as “deeply disturbing”.

The footage appeares to show Uighur Muslim men at a train station being transferred, presumably to detention camps, by Chinese police.

Human rights groups accused China’s ruling Communist Party of holding up to one million mainly Uighur people in “concentration camps” in the northwest Xinjiang region. China vehemently denies the allegations.

The footage, which could not be independently verified, was published to YouTube last week by a newly created account calling itself War on Fear. Clips were also posted to Twitter by the handle @warcombatfear.

“Our aim is to fight fear,” the video description said.

(Read more from “China’s Chilling ‘Concentration Camp’ Footage” HERE)


Helen Raleigh: China Has Already Lost the Trade War. Here’s Why

By Fox News. China already lost in the trade war with the U.S. Although you will never hear Chinese authorities, especially President Xi Jinping, admit it as such, the evidence is everywhere and only becoming more compelling by the day.

Reuters recently reported that based on the Chinese government’s own data, China’s economic slowdown has worsened in August, with “growth in industrial production is at its weakest in 17-1/2 years amid spreading pain from a trade war with the United States and softening domestic demand. Retail sales and investment gauges worsened too.” Despite such poor readings, Premier Li Keqiang insists that China is still on track to achieve 6 to 6.5 per cent growth rate this year.

Given the Chinese government’s tendency to present a rosier economic picture to satisfy political goals, most China watchers believe that Li’s statement was an about-face, and that the actual economic situation is much worse.

Researchers at the Brookings Institute estimated that China had inflated its GDP growth rate by close to 2 percent every year between 2008-2016. So in reality, China hasn’t seen a 6 percent growth rate for nearly a decade (someone should send a copy of this to Premier Li). Moreover, the actual size of the Chinese economy was an estimated $10.9 trillion, 18 percent lower than the officially stated $13.4 trillion, as of 2018.

President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs struck the Chinese economy when it was already declining and the effects have been devastating. The tariffs have not only reduced imports from China , but also caused foreign companies to shift their supply chain out of China. Beijing had hoped that its stimulus measures, including tax cuts and easy credits to local governments and big businesses, would reduce or even eliminate anticipated negative impacts on the Chinese economy. However, the latest data are a wakeup call that those stimulus measures were not sufficient enough to absorb the blow from the trade war. (Read more from “Helen Raleigh: China Has Already Lost the Trade War. Here’s Why” HERE)

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