Foreign Influence: Chinese Illegal Aliens Come to Our Border Without Any Vetting, yet They Are Released

The Democratic push for open borders and for other countries’ nationals to determine our destiny is the ultimate foreign influence over our government. The biggest threat is the large number of Chinese aliens coming in, thanks to the lack of a full border wall and more aggressive use of the military at the border. Now that Democrats appear to be so concerned about sovereignty and foreign influence with the Ukrainian government, perhaps they will pay attention to one of the forgotten problems of their open border policies.

“Chinese nationals are coming to our border in increasing numbers with absolutely no way to vet them and they are all allowed into our country as legitimate asylees,” said one veteran agent who patrols the Rio Grande Valley Sector in an interview with CR.

“This is the biggest national security, espionage, and cybersecurity threat to our nation that policymakers in Washington are completely ignoring,” said the agent who must remain anonymous because he is active duty and is not authorized to speak to the media.

I reached out to the agent after reading media releases nearly every day from CBP referencing Chinese illegal aliens at the border. Just Wednesday, CBP in the Laredo Sector reported on a group of illegal aliens caught who hailed from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and … China. One of these is not like the other. A news release from Tuesday references a stash house in Mission, Texas, with “nine subjects and determined them to be Chinese nationals.”

Based on data from weekly Texas border apprehension reports that CR has been given by an agent in the field, a total of 118 Chinese nationals have been apprehended just in Texas during the first two weeks of September.

This is a pace of over 3,000 Chinese nationals coming through the border just in Texas alone under very suspicious circumstances every year. Last year, according to CBP, 991 were caught at the entire southwest border, plus another 86 at the northern and maritime borders.

Why do I say suspicious?

“Every Chinese alien I’ve encountered has run from us rather than surrendering,” said the Texas border agent. “Then they claim asylum. But if they are trying to claim asylum, why are they running? Why are they overwhelmingly male if they are fleeing persecution? Also, after they fly into Brazil, they ditch their documents and come with nothing on them but cash. Lots of cash. They are also wearing fancy clothes like Gucci. They are coordinating their trafficking already overseas and some are paying the cartels along with other smuggling entities as much as $70,000. These are wealthy people.”

Hmmm … a Chinese government hell-bent on espionage and asymmetrical warfare against America, thousands of Chinese migrants who come with zero identification and know they can play the “communist card” on us and be placed into asylum proceedings or get in undetected … do you think the Chinese government would ever exploit that?

What is astounding is that we treat them as asylees despite the suspicious circumstances and the lack of vetting.

“We share nothing with China, so they can just make up a name and we have no way of checking into them,” said the agent who also worked in evidence collection at the station for several years. “We literally have no idea who they are before we release them. They just give us a random name a birthdate and we have no way of verifying it. None of those from China are in the system and they certainly don’t share criminal histories with us. All of them are released into the asylum system.”

Thus, when the director of National Intelligence warned in its latest Worldwide Threat Assessment, “China’s intelligence services will exploit the openness of American society, especially academia and the scientific community, using a variety of means,” this is a perfect example. They know we are gullible enough to treat those coming from China as “fleeing communism,” even though we have no idea of knowing if the government is sending them.

The scary thing is that not only is China our top cybersecurity threat, but much of the hacking now comes from within the United States. Now, we don’t have evidence it’s coming from those who cross the border because we also bizarrely bring in a tremendous amount of them through our visa system and on green cards. But those coming through the border have absolutely no vetting.

Shockingly, China is not listed as one of the 35 or so “Special Interest Alien” countries, whose border crossers require more vetting. For example, if an Iranian national is caught at the border, they are automatically interrogated by the FBI. That is not the case for Chinese nationals. Often, agents will be forced to rely on a private translating service to even interview Chinese nationals because few agents are fluent enough in Mandarin.

As it is, we hand out roughly 70,000 to 85,000 green cards to Chinese national every year, more than to nationals of any country other than Mexico. In addition, we have, by far, more foreign students from China than from any country. In fact, 363,341 Chinese nationals were here on student visas for the 2017/2018 academic year, roughly one third of the growing total of over 1 million foreign students every year.

Chinese immigrants have been very productive for the most part, but how in the world could we possibly vet these people and be sure that the Chinese have not either initially sent any of them as operatives or is manipulating those they know are here studying technical fields with bribes and threats to their relatives back home. Any wonder why China is stealing our R&D left and right?

In January, one Chinese student was indicted for being an “illegal agent” at the direction of a “high-level intelligence officer.” As CNN reported at the time, “The sheer size of the Chinese student population at U.S. universities presents a major challenge for law enforcement and intelligence agencies tasked with striking the necessary balance between protecting America’s open academic environment and mitigating the risk to national security.”

Now consider how bad it has to be for them to send people to our border given how generously we hand out visas. The fact that wealthy, young Chinese nationals can easily get a student visa but come through our border and then run from agents should scare us all.

And we haven’t even discussed the birth tourism scam of Chinese nationals giving birth to babies here while on tourist visas and grabbing citizenship for their kids thanks to liberals insisting that our Constitution somehow mandates this national suicide. Of course, the Russians are just as bad about scamming out this liberal loophole. Talk about Russian influence in our elections; their kids who wrongly steal American citizenship can then get to vote 18 years later!

In his resignation letter, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis noted that Russia and China are our biggest strategic threats and that we must “be resolute and unambiguous in our approach to those countries” and “use all the tools of American power to provide for the common defense.”

That should include closing all the insane immigration loopholes as well as deploying our military in a meaningful way at our border. We are essentially as a state of cold war with China and immigration is a very dangerous pipeline through which they can direct asymmetrical attacks on us. Never in our history did we continue mass migration – both through visas and at the border – from countries that were at war with us.

Indeed, if we are going to discuss impeachment on grounds of foreigners influencing our politics, then every open border member of Congress should be impeached. (For more from the author of “Foreign Influence: Chinese Illegal Aliens Come to Our Border Without Any Vetting, yet They Are Released” please click HERE)

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