WATCH: Extremists Attack Pro-Life Activists, Brag Cops Won’t Help Them

In videos first posted by LifeNews, female pro-life sidewalk counselors and activists are seen harassed and forcibly pushed around by pro-abortion activists outside an abortion clinic in Bristol, Tennessee.

Holding a sign with an image of an aborted baby, a pro-life woman is confronted by a pro-abortion activist who repeatedly pushes against the woman’s sign and brags that the cops will not help her. Another activist ridiculed a pro-life woman who was offering to adopt children who are spared by abortion; the pro-abort called the pro-lifer a “childless b****” and told her that she’ll “never” have a baby in her empty womb.

“Stop pushing on my sign,” the pro-lifer tells the abortion activist in a video provided to LifeNews by A Cause for Christ president Sammi Cooper. The incident took place in August.

The pro-abort taunts the woman for being powerless against the harassment and intimidation, daring her to call the cops. “You know what they’ll do? Nothing,” she boasts.

The harassment of pro-life activists outside the abortion facility, according to provided video footage, appears to be persistent since at least August. A Cause for Christ activist Erika Schanzenbach told LifeNews the organization has witnessed “increasingly nasty behavior from the pro-abortion protesters in the past few months.”

[Warning: video contains explicit language.]

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