WATCH: Pelosi Formally Announces Trump Impeachment Inquiry

By Townhall. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is formally signing off on an impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump after he spoke to the Ukrainians, reportedly trying to coerce the political leadership there to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden on corruption charges. This was dredged up after a whistleblower came forward to the intelligence community inspector general, though it’s based on anonymous second-hand sources. The whistleblower didn’t even listen in on the calls, and it’s not the intelligence community’s job to snitch on the president. The president can say whatever he wants to another foreign leader. Period. And now, before anyone has read the transcript of the call, the House Democrats are launching a full-blown impeachment push. It’s not shocking. This was going to happen eventually. They had to do this; this is why the Democrats retook the House in 2018. So, fix bayonets, everyone. This is going to get bloody[.]

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Pelosi Launches Trump Impeachment Proceedings

By CBS News. Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House is launching a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, setting up a dramatic constitutional clash just over a year before the presidential election.

“Today I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry,” Pelosi said at the Capitol late Tuesday afternoon. The inquiry marks just the fourth time in American history a president has faced a viable threat of impeachment. . .

“This week, the president has admitted to asking the president of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically,” Pelosi said. “The actions of the Trump presidency revealed dishonorable facts of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections.” (Read more from “Pelosi Launches Formal Trump Impeachment Inquiry” HERE)

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