Why Is a Good Man so Hard to Find? Blame the War on Boys and Men

. . .As Dr. Helen Smith put it in her 2013 book “Men on Strike,” increasing numbers of men are boycotting marriage and fatherhood — and even engagement with women at all, except via commitment-free hookup culture.

But why wouldn’t they, after 50 years (dating from the onset of first-wave feminism in the ’70s) of relentless society-wide put-downs of the male sex. . .

Men find themselves accused of being part of a “rape culture” merely for being men.

If one commits a sexual misstep — which is fairly easy to do these days, especially in a world where young female students are encouraged to liberate themselves sexually by acting like sailors on leave — they face Star Chamber-like sexual-misbehavior hearings that lack even rudimentary due-process protections and can result in expulsion. . .

Part of the point of earning money, by the way, was once to woo a woman, to make oneself a good “catch,” to support a family. If wooing is now fraught with danger and “supporting” a woman and children is deemed condescending, even oppressive, it’s no surprise that some men now see less of a need to focus on their careers. (Read more from “Why Is a Good Man so Hard to Find? Blame the War on Boys and Men” HERE)

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