Chinese Communism Threatens the World More Than Ever

As the People’s Republic of China commemorates its 70th anniversary, as many as 80 million Chinese will not be around to observe the festivities. They perished in the first few decades of communist rule in China, victims of the murderous ideological orgies of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward. . .

But there is no greater demonstration of the continuity of Mao’s legacy as innately at the center of communism in China than to recall the rule of that Great Reformer, Deng Xiaoping. Succeeding to power after Mao’s death, Deng charmed the West with his diminutive stature and professed commitment to abandoning Mao’s ways and opening China to the world, seemingly in the way Richard Nixon envisioned when he said, “China must change.”

Deng convinced the international community that a new China was just over the horizon as he encouraged Western investment in the Chinese economy. He also inspired the Chinese people to believe that a new day had dawned and the fever of Mao’s insane rampage was over. . .

Still, with Chinese and world public opinion clearly behind him, eager to support the next phase of China’s return to normalcy, Deng suddenly reverted to true communist form, rejecting any notion that governing legitimacy should be based on popular will and the consent of the governed. He returned with a vengeance to Mao’s doctrine that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” turning the weapons and tanks of the People’s Liberation Army against the Chinese people in Tiananmen Square and hundreds of other Chinese cities.

Deng reasoned that international condemnation was a price the CCP would have to pay to maintain its absolute hold on power. The initial outcry would not last long, given the allure of the Chinese market and the propensity of Western governments and scholars to give China’s communist leaders the benefit of the doubt and explain away even its humanitarian outrages. (Read more from “Chinese Communism Threatens the World More Than Ever” HERE)

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