Colleges Teaching Professors Not to Grade on Quality of Work

In higher education’s ongoing quest to appeal to the “woke” crowd, colleges and universities across the country are now training professors about “inclusive grading” as part of a larger focus on diversity and inclusion.

The College Fix reported that Boise State University (BSU) is the latest in a long line of schools to jump on the ‘inclusive grading’ bandwagon. This week, the university is hosting an event called “Inclusive Teaching Means Inclusive Grading, Too.” The event is part of a larger certificate program, called Boise State Uniting for Inclusion and Leadership in Diversity (BUILD).

Information regarding the event could not be accessed, but other events with the same name offered insight into what is now being taught. From the Fix:

“BSU’s event has the exact same name as a previous University of Tennessee-Knoxville faculty workshop. It was aimed to “engage instructors in conversations and activities designed to foreground diversity and inclusion in considerations of assessment and grading practices.”

The University of Michigan held a faculty workshop with a near-identical name as well. The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching stated on its website that attending teachers would “be asked to review their own practices” on grading throughout the event. (Read more from “Colleges Teaching Professors Not to Grade on Quality of Work” HERE)

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