‘No Trick-Or-Treat’ Signs for Sex Offenders’ Homes Are Halted by Judge

On Tuesday a judge ruled in favor of a group of sex offenders who sued the Butts County Sheriff’s Office for posting ‘No Trick-or-Treat’ signs in their yards.

A federal judge granted an injunction to stop the Georgia deputies from placing warning signs in the yards of registered sex offenders to deter children from trick-or-treating at their homes, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Three sex offenders argued it was a violation of their rights to free speech and privacy.

Sheriff Gary Long said he took the action to keep children safe on Halloween. “I WILL do everything within the letter of the Law to protect the children of this Community,” Long posted to Facebook.

However, Judge Marc Treadwell found the sheriff’s move went beyond the letter of the law, according to Fox 5. “The sheriff’s decision is not based on any determination that the plaintiffs are dangerous. Nor is the sheriff’s sign-posting founded on Georgia law. Rather, the sheriff’s decision is based solely on the fact that the plaintiffs’ names remain on Georgia’s registry of sex offenders,” the judge wrote in his ruling. He declined to award the plaintiffs any damages. (Read more from “‘No Trick-Or-Treat’ Signs for Sex Offenders’ Homes Are Halted by Judge” HERE)

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