Rapper Kicks Fan off Stage for Refusing to Yell ‘F*** Trump’, White House Responds

Rapper YG crudely bullied a fan at his concert for refusing to yell “f*** Trump”, when pulled up on stage, has prompted a vociferous response from the White House.

“Another example of the tolerant left,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham sarcastically told Fox News on Monday morning.

The hit from Grisham came in response to the viral video on Sunday that showed YG treating a fan at one of his concert with contempt and disdain for not singing along to his anti-Trump anthem “FDT” (F*** Donald Trump”) after inviting the young man on stage.

“I spotted you in the crowd, I asked if you f**k with Donald Trump. You said, ‘You don’t know.’ So since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight,” said YG as he demanded that the fan state his name and yell out, “F*** Donald Trump.” . . .

[Warning: video contains explicit language.]

“No, you won’t?” asked YG in response to the fan. “Get his ass outta here! He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his ass outta here! Don’t come to a motherfu**in’ show with YG on a motherfu**in’ billboard, Donald Trump supporter. Don’t let his a** back in the crowd. Tell ’em YG said so.” (Read more from “Rapper Kicks Fan off Stage for Refusing to Yell ‘F*** Trump'” HERE)

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