Scientists: Nuclear War Between These 2 Countries Would Unleash ‘Catastrophe’

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan would place the entire planet in jeopardy by unleashing a “climate catastrophe,” according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. . .

The two nuclear-armed nations both claim predominantly Muslim Kashmir, and the territory is divided between them, with insurgents battling Indian forces for three decades. On Aug. 5, India’s Hindu-led government stripped Indian-controlled Kashmir of its statehood and divided it into two centrally governed union territories — Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. India has also flooded the region with additional troops that enforced a security crackdown and communication blockade.

“A nuclear war between India and Pakistan — which share a long history of conflicts — would not only result in 50 to 125 million direct fatalities but could jeopardize the entire planet, causing sharp drops in global temperatures and precipitation that could devastate the world’s food supply,” writes AAAS in a statement.

Kashmir has been at the center of a number of wars, border skirmishes and standoffs between India and Pakistan since 1947 when the two countries were formed from the partition of British India.

“The authors evaluated a simulated nuclear war scenario for the year 2025 between the two countries based on advice from policy and military experts,” AAAS wrote. “They find that if Pakistan attacks urban targets in 2025 with 150-kiloton nuclear weapons and if India responds with 100-kiloton nuclear weapons, smoke from burning cities would release 16 to 36 teragrams of black carbon into the atmosphere, blocking out sunlight and cooling the global surface by 2 to 5°C (3.6 to 9°F).” (Read more from “Scientists: Nuclear War Between These 2 Countries Would Unleash ‘Catastrophe'” HERE)

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