Scientists: Oh, Actually, Red Meat Isn’t Bad for You

Ahhh, remember those big government sycophantic freaks like Bill De Blasio who advocate bogus ideas like “meatless Monday” because it is supposedly better for your health to not eat meat? Or those left-wingers who insist that we should listen to scientists 100 percent of time and impose sweeping lifestyle changes, like all going vegan, mandated by the government for issues like obesity and global warming? Common sense informs the average American that eating meat is not bad for you. Our ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years. Elites have told you these average Americans to shut up and eat their veggie burgers as scientists. Well, based on a recent report, it looks like those elites are wrong. Scientists are now saying that actually, it is okay to eat red meat.

Here is what the New York Times reported on the latest study:

Public health officials for years have urged Americans to limit consumption of red meat and processed meats because of concerns that these foods are linked to heart disease, cancer and other ills.

But on Monday, in a remarkable turnabout, an international collaboration of researchers produced a series of analyses concluding that the advice, a bedrock of almost all dietary guidelines, is not backed by good scientific evidence.

If there are health benefits from eating less beef and pork, they are small, the researchers concluded. Indeed, the advantages are so faint that they can be discerned only when looking at large populations, the scientists said, and are not sufficient to tell individuals to change their meat-eating habits.

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