Tanning Salons Are Trying to Kill Gay People with Cancer or Something

The media loves to create crises for victim classes where there aren’t any, however flimsy the available data may be. Conflating abortion with women’s health is a prime example. A new theory has the LGBTQ crowd being targeted by tanning salons, thus increasing cancer risk.


Tanning salons are more likely to be located in U.S. neighborhoods with higher numbers of same-sex male couples, according to scientists who fear the industry could be targeting the demographic.

By studying census data on 10 U.S. cities, researchers found tanning salons were twice as likely to be found within one mile of a neighborhood where 10 percent of households were made up of same-sex male couples, compared with areas of less than 10 percent. The team looked at the cities with the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations in the U.S.: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego Dallas, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Portland and Denver.

This pattern remained regardless of the income or ethnicity of the residents in a neighbourhood and the proportion of young women, who are also more drawn to such salons on average.

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