Teenage Boy Died While ‘Protecting’ Sister, 5, From Home Invasion

A Florida teen found dead last week in a burglarized Port Charlotte home is being hailed a hero after his family said he died while protecting his 5-year-old sister.

The body of Khyler Edman, 15, was discovered by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office after deputies canvassed the area following the arrest Ryan Clayton Cole, 27, for burglary. . .

After his arrest, police searched the area for more homes and that’s when they discovered Khyler’s body and his sister, “uninjured.”

“It is believed that Cole received his injuries inside the same residence during a violent encounter,” police said in a news release. . .

“On September 26th Khyler lost his life being a hero protecting his 5-year-old sister, when a man broke in our home in Port Charlotte,” [the family] said before adding that he “lost his life due to a senseless act of a stranger.” (Read more from “Teenage Boy Died While ‘Protecting’ Sister, 5, From Home Invasion” HERE)

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