WATCH: Major Media Outlets Keep Normalizing Polyamory

CBSN, the digital streaming arm of CBS News, provided the latest example with an hour-long special on “consensual non-monogamy” that aired Sunday night. The special episode included a 22-minute documentary that centered around interviews with people in openly non-monogamous relationships.

Interviews with a pro-polyamory researcher and a pro-polyamory lawyer followed the documentary.

“The way our parents were brought up, monogamy felt like it was necessary. It was just the way culture accepted you, it is the way everybody accepted you. Now, things are different, things are opening, up,” Alex, who’s in an open marriage with his wife of one year, told CBSN. Alex and his wife, Bridget, both have outside partners that they date and sleep with, they said.

CBS also interviewed CJ, Brandi, and Brooke: a husband, wife and shared third partner, who described themselves as in a “triad monogamous relationship,” though their arrangement is by definition not monogamous. Brandi said that “with three people it makes it a little bit easier to get those [sexual] needs fulfilled,” explaining that sometimes she’ll have sex with CJ but not Brooke, or vice versa. . .

The Daily Beast’s coverage of the documentary said it “dismantles the stereotype that non-monogamy is synonymous with adultery or a wild orgy.” (Read more from “Major Media Outlets Keep Normalizing Polyamory” HERE)

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