Army LT. Clint Lorance Feels 19-Year Prison Sentence Is ‘Just Another Mission’ (VIDEO)

In Leavenworth, Kan., sits a 34-year-old male who made a decision in his mid-20s that changed his life and the lives of many others irreversibly.

Clint Lorance is a former first lieutenant in the Army who is serving a 19-year prison sentence for murder at the United States Penitentiary. While deployed in Afghanistan in July 2012, the former officer – taking over for an injured platoon leader – ordered the fire on a group of three local men riding on a motorcycle, killing two of them. . .

In August 2013, Lorance’s fate was sealed and he was found guilty on two counts of second-degree murder. Now, Lorance seeks to overturn his conviction, which has sparked an emotional debate between supporters and detractors that has risen to the national stage. . .

“I think like any human being, he probably is feeling shift. Nobody wants to be held against their will and I think it’d be safe to assume that Clint is being held against his will at Leavenworth like all the other inmates that are there,” said [filmmaker] Pawlowski. “I think he is pretty sober, level-headed about the whole thing. So, you know, he has stricken me as somebody who’s somewhat selfless, but also pretty even-keel.”

“He said something early on to me which really resonated or landed home,” Pawlowski continued. “What he said about his incarceration was; ‘It’s just another mission.’ He felt as though being in the Army, the circumstances of serving, especially being in a war zone, there’s a fair amount of deprivation.” (Read more from “Army LT. Clint Lorance Feels 19-Year Prison Sentence Is ‘Just Another Mission’” HERE)

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