Feds Charge U.S. Gang Leader for Attempting to Wire Money to ISIS Terrorists

A reputed street gang leader from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, was charged by federal authorities for attempting to send money to support ISIS terrorists in the Middle East.

37-year-old Jason Brown was arrested Thursday for the charge of providing material support to a terrorist organization, which carries a possible sentence of 20 years in prison if he’s found guilty.

Brown, who goes by Abdul Ja’Me, converted to Islam while in prison, according to the criminal filing, and then allegedly recruited and radicalized gang members to support ISIS.

Six other members of the AHK street gang were arrested on charges of trafficking cocaine, heroin, and a fentanyl analogue. Prosecutors allege the name “AHK” is a variation of an Arabic word that means “brother.”

Prosecutors say they have undercover video of Brown meeting with an associate and giving him $500 to wire to what he believed was an ISIS terrorist in the Middle East. They say he tried to send a total of $1,500 to an attempt to support terror activities.

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