Fired Navy Secretary Confirms He’s Part of the Deep State

Most insubordinate employees would quietly disappear after publicly humiliating themselves and being fired. Not former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. After President Trump canned Spencer for repeatedly working against the president’s wishes, Spencer penned an op-ed for The Washington Post titled, “Richard Spencer: I was fired as Navy secretary. Here’s what I’ve learned because of it.” In the op-ed, Spencer appears to have learned nothing from his termination and confirms everything Trump said about him and the deep state.

“It is highly irregular for a secretary to become deeply involved in most personnel matters,” Spencer acknowledges. The former Navy secretary then goes on to say how he inserted himself into the case of Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher in order to undermine the president’s wishes.

“Before the trial began, in March, I received two calls from the president asking me to lift Gallagher’s confinement in a Navy brig,” Spencer writes. “I pushed back twice, because the presiding judge, acting on information about the accused’s conduct, had decided that confinement was important.”

Isn’t the chain of command something they teach in the Navy? Spencer ignored the president of the United States twice because he thought some judge’s decision was more “important”? Trump must have been so used to the deep state and that’s the only reason he didn’t fire the insubordinate Navy secretary right then and there.

“Eventually, the president ordered me to have him transferred to the equivalent of an enlisted barracks,” writes a defeated Spencer.

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