Here’s Everything the NYT Left out of a Misleading Article on Transgender Athletes

The New York Times left crucial context out of an article on the transgender sports issue published in Monday’s paper.

Times reporter Jeremy Peters left out all examples of biologically male athletes dominating female athletics from his article, which noted that the transgender sports issue has become a factor in the Kentucky’s governor race.

Biologically male athletes have racked up achievements in: high school girls’ track and field, NCAA women’s track and field, NCAA women’s cross country, international women’s cycling and women’s powerlifting, among other sports. None of those examples were included in Peters’s article.

Peters, who did not return an email seeking comment, also described it as an “alarmist claim” to say that “If Democrats have their way, soon boys will be able to compete against girls in school sports.” But that’s not an “alarmist claim” — it’s a fact.

The Equality Act, which passed the House with unanimous Democratic support in May and is supported by every Democratic presidential frontrunner, would force public schools across the country to include male athletes who identify as transgender in female athletics. The Times article mentioned the Equality Act zero times. (Read more from “Here’s Everything the NYT Left out of a Misleading Article on Transgender Athletes” HERE)

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