Killing in Plain View: The Epstein Plot Thickens

Dr. Michael Baden, the noted forensic pathologist and former chief medical examiner for New York City, recently appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the death of alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. At the request of the decedent’s brother, Baden observed Epstein’s autopsy and is investigating. . . Baden is, in my estimation, the best of his profession. He has performed over 20,000 autopsies; served as director of the Forensic Investigation Center of the New York State Police; was chairman of the Forensic Pathology Panel of Congress’ Select Committee on Assassinations, which reinvestigated the deaths of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.; and has held scores of similar professional, teaching, and governmental appointments. . .

Until his television appearance, Baden had made no public comment regarding the conclusory announcement by Barbara Sampson, New York City’s current chief medical examiner, that Epstein’s cause of death was “hanging” and manner of death was “suicide” . . .In his televised remarks, Baden stated that, rather than hanging, the findings at autopsy were more consistent with “ligature homicidal strangulation”. . . He also noted that the assistant medical examiner who did the autopsy “didn’t think that there was enough information to say it was suicide.” (see video below)

When asked by one of the Fox hosts if there were any signs that Epstein had fought back (a very good question), Baden . . . replied that fingernail clippings had been taken “to see if anyone else’s DNA was present.” But, once again, that information hasn’t been released by the authorities.

He also observed that “the ligature is made out of torn strips of orange sheets, and whoever made it had to put a lot of DNA on it.” Nevertheless, no information has been released “regarding whose DNA was on the ligature.” Since this death occurred in a federal facility, Baden wants to know if the FBI took possession of the ligature. If so, since “it only takes a couple of days to do the DNA, what’s the result?”

As for the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death, Baden found the breakdown in security to be “highly unusual.” Epstein was not checked on by anyone from 3:30 to 6:30 in the morning. At the same time two guards were allegedly asleep, a situation that Baden has never seen in over 50 years of investigating prison deaths, and which he considers to be “extremely unlikely.” He also questioned why all of the security cameras around Epstein’s cell were inoperative.

(here’s the recent interview with Dr. Baden:)

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