NBC, ABC And CBS Appear To Have Run Cover For World’s Most Powerful Rape Rings

By Daily Caller. NBC, ABC and CBS News have all now appeared to run cover for some of the world’s most powerful rape rings, allegedly killing stories and firing employees who tried to expose the outlets.

As three of America’s biggest networks, these outlets have each become embroiled in controversy in 2019 following multiple separate reports that they have played a part in covering up some of the world’s most powerful rape and pedophile rings. . .

First, investigative reporter Ronan Farrow came out with a book on Oct. 15 titled “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators.” The book accused NBC News of covering up Farrow’s story about the sexual assault allegations surrounding now-disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. It is based on Farrow’s article published in The New Yorker in 2017. He was allowed to publish his story in The New Yorker while still working at NBC News, the outlet said in a previous statement. . .

Just a few months later, ABC News was accused of killing a story about the late alleged child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein after Project Veritas released a video of anchor Amy Robach complaining about the network. Robach was caught on camera saying ABC killed her interview with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, according to the video. . .

CBS News is the latest to appear to have run cover for a huge rape ring when it allegedly fired a former ABC employee Wednesday who had access to Robach’s tape. The outlet declined to comment to Page Six, it reported Thursday.

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Source: ABC News Failed to Contact Epstein Accuser About Alleged Uncorroborated ‘Key Facts’ in Story

By Washington Examiner. An ABC News executive claimed that the network decided not to air an interview with a woman who accused convicted child predator Jeffrey Epstein of raping her because there were major holes in her story.

The thwarted interview became public last week when Project Veritas released video of ABC News reporter Amy Robach complaining about her interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre being spiked on a hot mic in August of this year. She can be heard venting frustration that her story was never given the green light following Epstein’s arrest and subsequent death.

Giuffre accused Epstein of sexual assault, trafficking, and several other felony offenses that took place in the early 2000s. He was awaiting trial in Manhattan when he was found dead in his jail cell at age 66. The New York medical examiner ruled Epstein’s death a suicide, though several people, including his brother and Robach herself, have speculated that he was murdered. Giuffre has alleged that she was Epstein’s sex slave, and claimed that he forced her to have sex with “the elite of the world,” she said in an interview with 60 Minutes. She also alleged she had been raped by Prince Andrew three times, which the royal has vehemently denied.

The network executive told the Washington Examiner on Saturday that Robach’s report on Epstein, which the reporter claimed “had it all,” was not broadcast because “Robach and the investigative team was unable to verify key facts” of Giuffre’s story. While the employee would not elaborate on the apparent holes in the story, a different person familiar with the interview between Robach and Giuffre said that the network never reached out to help them corroborate the parts of her story that they could not verify on their own.

The source also explained that neither Giuffre or her attorney Stan Pottinger, who called Robach’s hot mic moment “spot on,” have ever been contacted in order to corroborate her claims, despite ABC News’s original statement on the video saying that they “have never stopped investigating the story.” (Read more from “Source: ABC News Failed to Contact Epstein Accuser About Alleged Uncorroborated ‘Key Facts’ in Story” HERE)

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